Key Activities 2017/2018

The focus for the 2017/2018 financial year is on consolidating Tamala Park Project as a significant urban project in Perth’s Northern Coast. This will be achieved through the construction and sale of lots within Catalina Central and at Catalina Beach and progression of planning for Catalina Grove.

The TPRC will be undertaking major planning, construction, landscaping, marketing and sales programs at Catalina. Considerable construction is proposed with stages of bulk earthworks, a number of stages of civil construction works, landscape works, major road and infrastructure works and housing construction being undertaken.

Highlights of the Works program include:

  • Civil construction for 190 lots;
  • Bulk earthworks completion for Catalina Central Primary School site and the Eastern (Grove) Precinct;
  • Significant landscape construction, including Catalina Beach Entry Park;
  • Continued Catalina branding and marketing;
  • 118 lot sales and 123 lot settlements;
  • Construction of the Western Precinct Sewer Pump Station; and
  • Construction of the Connolly Drive and Aviator Boulevard intersections.

The following is a summary of key activities at Catalina for 2016/2017 financial year.

Bulk Earthworks and Civil Construction

The following stages of bulk earthworks and civil construction works are to be undertaken:

  • Bulk earthworks for Catalina Central Primary School site, Catalina Grove (Phase 1) and Catalina Beach Stages 29-31.
  • Civil construction works are proposed for Stages 16A, 16B, 17B, 26 and 27 totalling 189 lots;


There is a significant Infrastructure construction program including; Connolly Drive/Aviator Boulevard, Aviator/Portofino Boulevards extension, and the Waste Water Pump Station Catalina Beach. 

The TPRC proposes to progress Catalina Beach Access Road construction.  The TPRC lodged a draft Foreshore Management Plan (FMP), supporting a beach access proposal, with the City of Wanneroo in April 2017.  A coastal access road from the western edge of Catalina is proposed to provide local access to a safe beach for the local community.  The TPRC expects to receive a formal decision on the proposal late in 2017.

The Mitchell Freeway and Neerabup Road extensions are complete and opened on 3 August 2017.  The new 6 km section of Mitchell Freeway will provide direct access to and from Neerabup Road and Hester Avenue.  The Neerabup Road extensions provide access west to Connolly Drive and Marmion Avenue.  The Neerabup Road extension (east) provides access to Wanneroo Road and a more direct route to the Wanneroo Town Centre and future significant employment area at Meridian Park industrial precinct.

The Mitchell Freeway and Neerabup Road extensions improve exposure and accessibility for the Project.


Landscape works will continue, helping to transform the site and demonstrate the quality of the Catalina Project.

The 2017/2018 financial year will see a landscape program involving Catalina Beach Entry Park, Marmion Avenue verge and median and Catalina Beach Entry Statement which will demonstrate the quality of the Project and provide important local amenities for residents.  The completion of Stages 10–15 Public Open Space and street verge areas.

The rehabilitation and completion of works for the southern Biodiversity Conservation Area.

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing program will be aiming to achieve 118 residential lot sales and 123 lot settlements.

The Sales and Marketing initiatives will be focused on continued Catalina branding, promotion of the Builders Display Village (2) and the promotion and formal launch of the Catalina Beach Precinct.

The Catalina Estate signage will be upgraded and refreshed.