Key Activities 2020/2021

The focus for the 2020/2021 financial year is on consolidating Tamala Park Project “Catalina” as a significant urban project in Perth’s Northern Coast. This will be achieved through the construction and sale of lots within Catalina Central and at Catalina Beach and progression of planning for Catalina Grove, including a significant program of planning, infrastructure, landscaping and marketing works.

Highlights of the works program include:

  • Civil construction for 107 lots;
  • Significant roadworks and landscape construction in Catalina Beach, including the extension of Portofino and Long Beach Promenades and the Foreshore Access road and carpark;
  • Extension of Aviator Boulevarde to connect with Connolly Drive in Catalina Central;
  • Continued Catalina branding and marketing;
  • 119 lot sales and 117 lot settlements.

The proposed sales and civil construction program recognises the significant impact on the land sales market in Perth as a result of the Federal and State Governments’ building stimulus incentives in response to COVID – 19 economic effects. 

However, expenditure will be monitored in line with the effects of COVID-19 in Western Australia and Australia, as this could impact the Project.

The following is a summary of key activities at Catalina for 2020/2021 financial year.

Civil Construction

The following stages of civil construction works are to be undertaken:

  • Civil construction for 20 lots in Stage 27 and 35 lots in Stage 28 (Catalina Beach);
  • Civil construction of 17 lots in Stage 16 (Catalina Central);
  • Commencement of Stage 18B (Catalina Central) innovative housing precinct;
  • Commencement of earthworks for the first stage of Catalina Grove.


There are a number of important Infrastructure works planned for construction in 2020/2021. 

The TPRC is making a significant financial contribution to the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo towards the construction of the Burns Beach-Mindarie Dual Use Path. The section of path along the western boundary of Catalina Estate was completed in August 2020.

The works program includes the extension of Portofino Boulevard and the construction of a road connecting to the Catalina beachfront, which will provide access to a safe beach for the local community.  Subject to obtaining the necessary approvals, it is anticipated that construction for the access road and facilities will commence in February 2021.

The extension of Long Beach Promenade will provide an additional connection between Catalina Estate and established areas of Mindarie to the north. This is expected to be completed in late 2021.

Aviator Boulevard is to be extended to connect with Connolly Drive, with a new roundabout constructed at the intersection. It is anticipated that this will be completed in May 2021, improving access to the eastern part of Catalina Central.


Landscape works will continue to provide important recreation facilities and meeting places for the local community.  In addition, it will demonstrate the quality of the Catalina Project.

The following landscape works are proposed for the 2020/2021 financial year:

  • Portofino Promenade extension - medians/verges;
  • Foreshore road verges;
  • Aviator Boulevard Green Link.

Further rehabilitation work will be undertaken within both the southern and northern Biodiversity Conservation Area, located adjacent to Marmion Avenue.

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing program will be aiming to achieve 119 residential lot sales and 117 lot settlements.

The Sales and Marketing initiatives will be focused on continued Catalina branding, in conjunction with the Catalina Beach Sales Office and the Catalina Beach Builders Display Village, in addition to making preparations for the launch of sales of Catalina Grove in mid-2021.