Current Project Status

Significant progress has been made on the Catalina Project since the first phase of works commenced in 2011. The following has been achieved to date:


Civil works have been completed to Stages 1 – 15, 17A, 18 and 25 (Catalina Beach) comprising over 970 lots.  

The Marmion Avenue/Aviator Boulevard and Neerabup Road/Roulettes Parade intersections have all been completed.  The intersections provide an easy and direct entry into the Catalina Project.

The Catalina Project has 854 homes completed and another 26 currently under construction. A range of lot types and sizes have been produced supporting a diverse mix of housing, from large 4 x 2 family homes on lots in the order 450m² to terraced cottage style housing on lots of 225m².

Catalina Sales Office

The new Catalina Beach Sales Office opened in early 2019 and is operating well in conjunction with the new Catalina Beach Builders Display Village. It is located at 16 Portofino Promenade and comprises a modern and contemporary house showing best practice housing techniques.

Operating hours are as follows:

Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
Thursday Closed
Friday - Sunday 12pm - 5 pm

Sales and Marketing

As of April 2019, over 950 lots have been released for sale at Catalina, with status of the lots being as follows:

  • Sold - 921 lots
  • Settled -  911 lots

Further information on available lots can be obtained from the Catalina Estate website.

Builders Display Village

The new Catalina Beach Builders Display Village was launched in late 2018, showcasing the modern and contemporary, energy efficient 7 star rated homes.

 To date, twelve display homes have been completed and are open to the public. They include display homes from Impressions, Homegroup WA, Dale Alcock, Content Living, Celebrations, Redink, New Level, In Vogue, Ben Trager, WBN and Perceptions. The 101 Residential display home is under construction and the B1 display home is due to commence in late April 2019.

The Catalina Beach Builders Display Village offers the latest housing designs including a range of two-storey housing.


To date a number of parks have been completed at Catalina, including:

The Stage 4, 8, 10, 11 and 13 parks, Neerabup Road verge works and the Aviator Entry off Marmion Avenue. All these areas provide important local amenities for residents and demonstrate the quality of the Catalina Project.

In March 2018 the Catalina Beach Park, located at the entry to Catalina Beach, was completed. The Park provides high amenity and is a key feature of Catalina Beach. It includes an 8m play tower, with associated play equipment, a significant number of mature transplants and shelters/seating. A community event to celebrate the opening of the Park was held on Saturday 10 March 2018 with over 1,500 people in attendance